10वीं कक्षा एवं 12वीं कक्षा में अध्ययनरत छात्र द्वारा 90% से अधिक अंक प्राप्त करने पर 11000/- रुपये
का नकद पुरस्कार व 8वीं कक्षा में उत्तीर्ण श्रेष्ठ दो छात्रों को 5100/- रुपये नकद पुरस्कार दिया जायेगा।

10वीं में 90% से अधिक अंक विज्ञान वर्ग लेने पर व 80% से अधिक वाणिज्य वर्ग लेने पर शिक्षण शुल्क में 50% की छूट। ।

Message Desk


PRESIDENT- Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti

On The Eve Of Birthday Of The Former Adhysar Sanghchalak Of R.S.S. Honerable Dr. Kaseshv Rav Baliram Hedgewar. Some Senior People Citizens Estaslished Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti In The Society.Youth Of The Country Were Aimed To Make A Civilized Citizen In Which Patrorism, Sociolism Morality Were Present In Them. On This Contrary. It Is The First Educational Institue, Senior Secondary Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Jamdoli, Samiti Of Shankar Lal Dhanuka. I Has Its Own Recognization In This Socity.It Has An Important Place In The Field Of Education. Students Are Being Educated Here From 6th To 12th In The Hostel Not Only From The Defferent District Of The Rajasthan But Also From The Other States To The Good 'Sanskar' Like As Morality, Nationality, Mentallay, Intellectually By Living This Fully Residential School's Enviroment.

                Many Student's Adorns Various Higher And Reputed Posts In Indian Government Completing Their Education In This Reputed Vidya Mandir. Some Of The Students Had Been Jeleeted In All Indian Civil-Services And Many In The Field Of Medical And Engineering.Institute Is Proud Of These Talented Students. Shankar Lal Dhanuka Senior Secondary Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Jamdoli Was Awarded And Rewarded By Many Times By The Board Of Sec. Edu. Ajmer, Raj. After Evaluation Of Many Scales And The Highest Results And The Position Of I And II.Today, It Is The Study Institute Who Has Important Role In The Advancement Educational Institute Of The States And The Nation.I Always Wish That This Institute Go Ahead And Mantain Their Reputation/Respect And Development.


Secretary - Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti

Mankind Is Passing Through A Crises. The High Emphasis On Scientific And Mechanical Ways Of Life Is Reducing Man To The Status Of A Machine. Moral And Religious Values Are Being Undermined. The  Basic Principls Of Civilization Are Being Ignored. Conflicts Of Ideals,Manners And Habits Are Pervading The Atmosphere. For   Everything Old Is The Fashion Of The Day. The Problem In Human Development Process Is Being Felt Globally Are The World Is Again Linking Optimistically At Things Way Of  Life.The Naturel Ways Of Human Development Were Taken Care In Education System Of Anciant India.After Independence Of The Country We Were To Establish  Our Culture And It Was Possible Through  Education System Board On Indian Philosphy.The Purpose Of Establishing The Keshav Vidyapeeth  And Specially The Shankar Lal Dhanuka Residential School Is To Prepare The Future Generation Of The County Having Sound Body &Mind,As A Result Of Which One Can Stand On One’s Own Feet.The Dhanuka School Will Achive This Goal Through Your Blessings  & Respects.



President - School Management Committee

Residential School aims to complete all round development of the child and its significance lies .Child 's inherent talent to be expressed as follows, He is a confident , self-restrained Swalmbi and imbued with patriotism - lyrical citizen . Partners in the progress of society , dedicated to the nation . All these qualities child Bhuaymi inclusion in the Gurukul system is possible . Continuous contact with the child and teacher , disciplined and cultured School 's daily routine physical , pranic , mental and educational development is possible only in absolute Residential School . Shankar Lal Dhanuka School to meet these Udeshyo society and continues to strive for your cooperation .

Mantri -School Management Committee

Be talented for child, our family is at the core of national development expenditure. So you have to make your kids think of. Good qualifications, knowledge is only possible with discipline, punctuality, vision are derived from routine and time-bound. The School for achieving the objectives that have been set .Every child of our efforts is a disciplined and sophisticated routines to spend the night  and morning with the knowledge to make the entrance to the scholar. To achieve this objective we have continuous improvements.

                                                                                                Mr.Nand Singh Naruka