WELCOME TO Shankar lal Dhanuka Adarsh Vidya Mandir School (शंकर लाल धानुका आदर्श विद्या मंदिर स्कूल)

Foundation & Aim : Founded on  March 19, 1988 by reverend reverend  and run by Vidya Bharti, an all India educational organisation which runs more than 24,000 schools, Shankar lal dhanuka aims at providing quality education based on Indian moral values to the students. Besides having made manifold progress since its inception, the school enjoys the reputation of being a prestigious institution in India


Defeats the holy saints , holy land of India is the mother of wisdom flow period , there have been flow of  knowledge . The purity of the Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati character of the confluence of whiteness is only Keshav Vidhapeeth School . This birght oriented the institution sound knowledge India in the world, is leading humanity to discharge his responsblites . Sun rays burst through the night bright way the demise of light to the entire world that is finishing surgeon of the living world .

Similarly, Keshav vidhapeeth School of ultimate glory and carrying a strong nation , proud , scoiety of harmonious construction is creative through academia . It is the fragrance of the conditionings pure ethics , excellent idea , benevolence , excellent sense of nation devotion & Social equality exists in the surgeon Quote particles . Shining the light Prkrit proto National volunteer Union Minister Sir Sanghchalak Dr Hedgewar Keshava Rao Pratiprada Born year , Chaitra Shukla Ekam’s vision . Accordingly 2045 March 19, 1988 was in the Jamdoli . then co- general secretary of the National Union of volunteer eminent educationist Prof. Rajendra Singh ( string Brother ) by May 1, 1988 that the foundation was laid . Mr Dayal Research Institute , University of Delhi, Former Vice president and Chitrakoot Gramoday Chaitra Shukla by Mr. Nanaji ‘s vision . 2047 ( Ram Navami ) April 3, 1990 was inaugurated by the auspicious day . Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan , Shri Shekhawat presided over the Baronsing of law .
Keshav School objective the overall development of education are humanity . five humanity elements ancient Indian system of our self-sufficient , according to which the concept is five funds – funds cereal , Pranmay Fund, Manomaya Fund, Janmay fund , fund delightful .

Our Plans

All India Bharatiya Vidya plan of education is education for all round development of the child. Using his interest in children to develop their talents and events in cultural activities are organized, to awaken the essence literary essay writing, calligraphy Shruti article is organized as music and painting.

  1. Innovations in Teaching  : – Each month conduct examsand at least 6 times in the two inner home work evaluation points and grades are provided .This inspires students to overcome their weakness and its progress guardian notification is provided by telephone and letter .2 English Spoken class-Mr. Punit (UK): – In today’s competitive era, every student has the necessary knowledge of spoken English . With this in mind , the study – has to be practiced with English.3 changing educational technology in teaching environment by audio , video, Tech Next, Three Dimension Digital Classroom teaching is provided by the Board .

    4 Target Academy (A Sip unit of DD Target Pmt) by the Board with AIPMT Course JEE Mains and XIand XII class preparation course is offered in school .

    JEE, AIPmt, Commerce Department CA , CS different various entrance exams such as the school is facility of online registration .

    5 Educational Group arrangement – complete the residential school, with each student’s academic progress by a group of students studying together in terms of all-round development of every teacher is to guide them in their local parent who is designated.

    6 Parent Meetings : child ‘s progress with a view to review the personal classroom parent meetings are held on the first Sunday each month . The teacherand parents face to face to discuss the progress of student.



The school has 92 spacious and well ventilated dormitories to accommodate about 500 boarding students (Boys only) at a time. Surrounded by shady green trees.


Boarders are served with pure vegetarian and balanced diet along with milk. To provide a homely atmosphere, teachers take their meals with the students.

Medical Facility

First-aid facility is available round the clock in the school. Periodical medical examination is also done by qualified doctors. However, on the account of some serious disease or some recurring health problems, a student is liable to be sent back in the custody of his parents/guardians.


Services like laundry’s, barber’s and cobbler’s are available within the hostel premises. An eco-friendly silent genset has been installed to ensure round the clock power supply. Besides, a tuck-shop in the campus caters to the boarders’ everyday needs of stationery and other such goods.

Current Status

Keshav vidhapeeth Vidyalaya is a residential senior secondary school where residential facility is available for boy-scholars only. School is a proud host with its resident students coming from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, U.P., Delhi, J&K, Himachal, Rajasthan, Sikkim, West Bengal and a number of North Eastern states.

All Round Development Programme

Physical Education

We, at Keshav vidhapeeth, strongly believe that ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ and the role of games and sports in building one’s health is universally known. We have made it mandatory for our students to participate in physical drills and games. It is heartening to mention that our players have kept aloft the school flag in sports competitions at all levels.


A gift of India to the world, yoga has come to be realized globally as the most effective method of keeping physically fit, mentally balanced and spiritually and morally uplifted. Our everyday yoga sessions in the morning assembly help the children in multi faceted ways. We have got a spacious hall built for this specific purpose and have named it “Yog Sadan”.


If games and yoga tone one’s body and mind, music is a soothing stimulant for one’s soul. Not only it is a carrier of our age old moral values but it also helps in developing one’s emotional skills. Keshav VidhaPeeth leaves no stone unturned in providing to its students the best of opportunities to learn music in both its forms viz. instrumentals and vocals.

Moral and Spiritual Education

For a child to grow into a responsible citizen possessed with competence, self-esteem and brimming with the zeal for social service, our saints and sages have identified certain distinct moral values of life which need to be communicated to the younger generation. A well-designed set of these values is termed as moral and spiritual education and enjoys a nation wide reputation of being an institution whose atmosphere itself speaks volumes of these values.

Sanskrit – The Treasure of Wisdom

The Indian ancient literature is abundant in all those rare works which still have a unique potential to nourish various modern disciplines of knowledge. It is required of every Indian student to be well-versed with Sanskrit to have a dip into that vast ocean of knowledge and thereby gain competence to be at the pinnacles of the international standards both with self esteem and piquancy. Keeping this fact in view, Sanskrit is taught at


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