Holiday Leave Policy

Students will be allowed to go home only on the following holidays: –

  1. Raksha Bandhan
  2. Diwali (according to calendar)
  3. Winter Vacation
  4. Holi (excluding board classes)
  5. Under special circumstances, leave to be allowed such as:-
  • Child’s self-therapy or if child is unwell
  • Marriage of real brother/sister (on submission of invitation card)


  1. Declared holidays will be given only on specified dates and times.
  2. Late fee will be automatically charged for latecomers and adjusted in student’s object repository account (personal account).
  3. Only parents/local guardians will be allowed to meet their child. Other relatives will be permitted to meet the child only when they come along with parents.
  4. Only parents/local guardians are authorized to take students with them on holidays. Telephonic information is not valid.



  1. Students are not permitted to go home on days except declared holidays.
  2. Parents can meet their child only on Sunday of the first week of each month between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  3. In the event of unavoidable circumstances, the parents will seek prior permission from school management through telephone and can meet their child in the guest room. Parents are not permitted to go to hostel or classroom.
  4. In case the student is absent over and above the certified holidays, then Rs. 100/- per day late fee will be charged automatically and adjusted in object repository account (personal account). Seven days after that, the name of such student is liable to be struck off from the school and hostel.
  5. Communication with the student over telephone is possible only on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., after which it will not be possible to communicate with the child over the phone and only message can be left.
  6. Parents are supposed to take information in regard to the child’s object repository account (personal account) from time-to-time. Kindly deposit more amount in case it is required (minimum Rs. 1000/- balance is mandatory in the object repository account).
  7. Students are not to bring any eatables with them. Parents/guardians are not to give any eatables or cash to the students even when visiting them.
  8. Parents/guardians will not give any valuable items to the student such as – golden chain, ring, watch, camera, mobile, cash, etc. Such items, if found, will be confiscated. The school will not be responsible for loss of such things.
  9. Student can be financially penalized or suspended/terminated from the school if mobile, electronic gadgets, cash or eatables are found with student or if the student elopes from the school campus.
  10. Student/Students can be penalized if found guilty of intentionally damaging any school property.
  11. Student can be suspended/terminated on disciplinary grounds for any indiscipline of any school/hostel rules and regulations. In case of termination, security deposit and object repository account money will not be refunded.
  12. During suspension period, the child will be sent home and the entire expense will be adjusted against the student’s object repository account.
  13. If the student is off the school campus without permission or elopes from school, then the school will not be held responsible and no compensation will be given in such cases. School will not participate in any judicial/regulatory proceeding or legislation.
  14. All rights regarding admission/readmission are reserved with school only.
  15. Get the child admitted to the school and hostel only after complete satisfaction of the school regulations and arrangements.

NOTE:- Ignorance of the above points will not be the basis of innocence or not being guilty. The area of jurisdiction for any dispute will only be Jaipur.


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