Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti

Chairman's desk (Keshav Vidyapeeth)

Some Senior and enlightened citizens of the society established Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti on the occasion of the birth centenary year 1989 of the RSS founder Sarsanghchalak the most honourable Dr. Keshavrao Baliram Headgewar. The samiti aimed to start some educational institute to make the country youth full of patriotism, social enlightenment, moral and spiritual values. In this context Shankar Lal Dhanuka Sr. Sec. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Jamdoli is the first educational Institute of the Samiti and is the face of Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti. It has an important place in the field of education. Male students (Bhaiyas), not only from various districts of Rajasthan but also from other states, are getting education from 6th to 12th class in totally residential form gaining physical, mental, intellectual, patriotic and moral values. Passing out from this Vidya Mandir many Bhaiyas got prestigious posts in the country and abroad. Some of them have brought laurels to the nation and society by joining I.A.S., medical, engineering, teaching services. The institute feels proud on the achievements of its alumni. Shankar Lal Dhanuka Sr. Sec. Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Jamdoli has many a time been awarded and honoured by the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Ajmer for its outstanding performance – standing the first or second on the basis of examination results and other parameters. This institute has an important place among eminent institutes at the state and national level. In coming year, I am confident that this institute will develop scholar of true nationalistic attitude. I very sincerely wish this institute is progressing and creating new benchmark in the field of school education.
Prof. J.P. Singhal
Former Vice-Chancellor University of Rajasthan

Secretary's Desk (Keshav Vidyapeeth)

‘पुराणामित्येव न साधु सर्वं, न चापि  सर्वं नवामित्यवद्यम्। (It is not that every thing that is old is only right, nor is that only modern is appreciable) and, ‘आ नो भद्रा क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः’ (let the light of Knowledge come from all directions) are the old sayings of our scriptures, which we (Keshav Vidyapeeth) follow religiously. We believe that education is not merely a mass of information, but a tool for elevation of life. Therefore, our focus is always on inculcating our age old cultural values, alongwith overall development of our students, so that they may prove to be precious cornerstones in nation building. By following this motto and way of teaching, our committed and devoted faculty has done wonders and with such untiring efforts, the school has achieved an enviable place in education world. No doubt we have been getting full support and petronage of our nationalist parents of Rajasthan, or so to say, of other parts of country also. Now, when we are on the verge of getting affiliated to the CBSE, We reaffirm our committment to qulity education. In current session itself, the school will be gifted with “ATL” (Atal Tinkering Lab) by “Niti Aayog”. This will lead to pave the way of innovation and invention in our students and thus we hope good future for the school. We feel proud that a number of our ex-students have great achievements to their credit. We are working hard to maintain these high standards. With active and continuous guidance of our great selfless tapsvi-like leaders of our ‘Organistaion’, we will be able to achieve, the goals and realize the dreams, which were the main driving force behind establishment of this modern gurukul. ‘Let the light of aim live for ever.’
Om Prakash Gupta
Secretary Keshav Vidyapeeth Samiti


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