Management Message

From the President’s Desk

The purpose and significance of the complete residential school lies in harmonious development of the children.
A child’s inherent talent must be revealed in such a way that he becomes a self-condident, reliant and proclaimed citizen, who participate in the progress of society, devotes him self to the nation. The inclusion of all these multifaceted qualities in the child is largely possible in best way through the Gurukul system. Due to continuous contact between the child and the Guru, his physical, spiritual mental and educational development takes place in the modern Gurukul system, With disciplined and cultured routine of the school, Shankar Lal Dhanuka Vidyalaya is constantly working with the society and solicits your cooperation to fulfill these objectives.
Babu Lal Gupta 

From Secretary’s Desk

Strength and development is the main basic of a carper and a society is besed on strengthful. Genration.So everyone has to think about making their children worthy qualification attained by is possible only with knowledge with good practices.Recipes are obtained only though discipline and punctual routine. To achieve this goal, this school has been set up. Our effort is to make the child go through a disciplined and cultured routine from the morning to the night and make him a scholor though knowledge. We are constantly working to fulfill this purpose.
Dr.Nand singh Naruka


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