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Every conceivable topic chapter wise textbooks and partners to make and tasty addition to textbooks, Hindi , English and Sanskrit literature books with the social , religious legend  biography , pictorial books, drama , stories and other literary associated with Video library containing 6,000 books and 50 daily , monthly weekly – spinning reading room is full of papers and magazines . school in physics , Chemistry and Biology laboratories of the largest full of teaching materials , all of which are equipped with modern equipment .

Here is facility to gain practical knowledge.

Science Club

To bring about an interest in science and the science club trend by making point from time to time as competition- Model Competition, Science quiz, seminars, talks etc. are held. All India Institute of Indian education in national science competition Vidya Bhaskar Sharma, teenage brother received fourth place in the class.

N.C.C (Air Wings)

Unity and Discipline” in terms of initial training with the national security of India is not a government-run Junior Division NCC (Air Wing) is operated Troupe of 100 cadets. Weapons training the cadets, Plaing Experience, Perasiling and arrows modeling etc. A, N, O school and trained by officers of the Air Force.

Band Training

In students unity, harmony and elegance – with a sense of descipline with special training to develop band is playing. Our contain mostly military bands, flute and musical instruments from band equipments attractive tunes based on Indian national festivals and special events team at school band and physical performance are welcome.

Yoga Education

“Sharir Madh khalu dharm sahdnam” we considered the basis of perfection attainmentA good mind resides in a healthy bodyThe detention of the trends of the mind is yoga.” Which occupies an important place in Indian life easy yogameditationpranayam and meditation restraint etc. are includedDaily morning yoga taught in 30 minutes under of qualified trainers

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